Cool Mist Straightener

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Model: LBS3500
The LumaBella™ Cool Mist Straightener combines cool mist with salon-quality heat for a protective and long-lasting style. The cool mist is applied to the hair before the heat to infuse hydration, lock-in moisture and protect hair from damage. Together, the cool mist and high-heat settings ensure a long-lasting, protective, frizz-defying style.

This technologically advanced straightener combines our unique cool mist technology with salon-quality heat for the ultimate in damage protection, styling effectiveness, and long-lasting hold.

The cool mist channel applies our custom Macadamia Conditioning oil or a cool mist to the hair prior to heat styling. This adds moisture and hydration to the hair, and allows for a safer styling temperature. The cool mist is followed by a smooth glide of salon-quality heat delivered through the premium floating ceramic plates.

Together, the cool mist followed by heat helps to lock-in moisture, protects hair from damage, reduces frizz, improves shine, and enables a longer-lasting style.And with LumaBella™ styling, it’s one and done. Our pro-quality straightener gives you all the heat you need with a long-lasting hold in just a single pass.

90% more frizz control*
68% more protection from hair breakage*
2x longer-lasting style*
*vs. using this straightener without the cool mist technology.

Features and Benefits

The conditioning treatment or water mist is applied to the hair before the heat. This mist infusion hydrates, protects and preps the hair for heat.

This customized treatment was specially developed for use with the Cool Mist Straightener to provide enhanced shine and softness.

High-quality ceramic plates deliver uniform heating with a smooth glide.

The floating plate design enables a flexible, optimum grip on the hair, no matter how you hold or angle the straightener.

Choose from five heat settings that range from 300º F to 450° F for a variety of hair types and styling options.

The straightener heats quickly for fast, efficient styling.

This safety feature automatically turns off the device after 60 minutes for convenient, worry-free use.

Put a lock on the heat level to maintain consistent heat throughout the styling process.

Extra-long cord length allows for flexibility in styling anywhere.

One of the longest product warranties available in the industry.

Before & After Results with the Cool Mist Straightener

Heat Settings

 Temp. Hair Type
300˚F Very fine, fragile or damaged hair
•• 340˚F Very fine, fragile or damaged hair
••• 375˚F Normal, easy-to-straighten hair
•••• 410˚F Thick, difficult-to-straighten hair
••••• 450˚F Thick, difficult-to-straighten hair

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Macadamia Conditioning Treatment

We developed a customized hair treatment specifically for use in the cool mist reservoir. The Macadamia Conditioning Treatment contains keratin and oils to provide enhanced shine and softness. When used in the Cool Mist Straightener, it helps to hydrate and moisturize the hair.

INGREDIENTS: Aqua, Glycereth-8 Macadamia Seed Oil Esters, Sodium Arganamphoacetate, Keratin, Hydrolyzed Keratin, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin.


Safer Styling, Better Results

At normal temperatures, hair is rigid and won’t respond to styling. At too high of temperatures, the hair bonds can become permanently damaged, causing breakage. LumaBella™ technology targets the temperature zones in between these two phases when hair is pliable for safe, effective styling.


Add Moisture, Reduce Heat

The ideal styling zone is not only based on the heat that’s applied, it’s also dependent upon the hair’s moisture content. Hair with higher moisture can be styled at lower temperatures, while hair with very little moisture requires a much higher and damage-causing heat.


Cool Mist Technology

The LumaBella™ cool mist hydration adds moisture to the hair prior to styling with heat. This added hydration enables you to use a lower heat setting, which results in less damage and great results. Enjoy reduced frizz, greater protection and longer-lasting style*.


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