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We are very excited to bring to you the new products coming to the LumaBella family!

Pure Performance Styler

Pure Power Dryer

We officially have a blow dryer! As the first blow dryer under LumaBella, we've only brought you the best. The Pure Power Dryer has a powerful 1875 Watt AC engine with a state of the art airflow resulting in a 50% faster dry-rate. What does this mean you may ask? Good question. 

'Dry-rate' is a technical term that takes into account the airflow of a dryer as well as the engine's wattage and is the term to accurately measure a dryer's performance. With our combination of superior air flow and an AC motor, we bring to you a 50% faster dry-rate! LumaBella technology, now in a dryer. :) 
Oh yeah, you also get three accessories to help achieve your perfect style!

Some other amazing features include:

  • Ion Technology - The dryer emits ions while styling to help combat frizz and static. It also helps break down water molecules for a faster drying time! 
  • Infrared Heat - The ceramic grille provides a strong, heat-conductive surface that provides gentle styling with less damage. Always a plus :) 
  • Advanced Setting - You get 3 heat settings, 2 speeds, a turbo boost and a cold shot to help lock in that style! 
  • Luxury Cord & Attachments - Our dryer premiers a luxury cloth cord for easy storage. We also stick in some amazing attachments including two concentraters and a diffuser. 
  • A 4 Year Warranty (!!) - The best warranty out there ;) 

Our brand new styler brings the best of the best in usability. First of all, the Pure Performance Styler's plates are both rounded AND floating. This means that throughout your styling experience, you can guarantee the plates will be in contact with your hair ensuring a quicker styler. Also! The rounded plate design makes sure there are is no annoying snagging. 

Another supreme feature is the Dual Heating System found in the plates. As you straighten your hair from scalp to ends, it is common for your hair to absorb much of the heat as the straightener runs down the length of your hair. This could mean you are not getting the same quality heat towards the end of your hair requiring another pass of the straightener to get that sleek and straight look. The dual heating system makes sure that this common worry does not happen! Making sure you have a quick, one pass style :) 

Some other features included in our new styler! 

  • Ceramic Plates - We have 15x more ceramic in the plates! The ceramic helps aid the heat distribution as well as provide that ultra-smooth glide.
  • 5 Heat Settings - Adjustable heat settings from 300 to 450 degrees
  • Memory Function - No need to readjust heat settings! The styler will remember the last temperature you used.
  • 15-Second Heat - Heats up FAST!
  • Luxury Cloth Cord & Protective Heat Sleeve - For easy quick storage. 
  • Another 4-Year Warranty!

Stay tuned for more to come!

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