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We are back, and better than ever with a new series of Hairstyle Hacks featuring our Keratin Dual Touch Styler!

Now, I think a good majority of us can agree that one of the best revelations to shake up the average hair routine is that a straightener can do more than just create a sleek and shiny look. A good quality tool can add some volume, some texture - it can style! 

For our first look, we bring to you one of our favorites: Textured Waves. A perfect, go-to style for those of use who accidentally wake up late, but still want to look cute for the office. An easy, quick way to spice it up!

Let's take this step by step:

1. Take a section closest to your face and run the styler down your hair, twisting away from your face. Feel free to twist the other way as you make your way around for a more messy look. 

2. Keep it going! Run the Keratin Dual Touch down your hair twisting as you go to create that looser wave. 

3. Now that your hair is waved/curled to your preference take some time, and product of your choice, and tousle that beautiful head of hair. Separate some curls too to create some more volume.   

4. Final step: straighten out some of your ends to get that messy, 'I didn't even mean to look this good' look. 

You've done it. You've slept in (accidentally of course) and still look beautiful walking (or running) out the door!

Stay tuned for some more Hairstyle Hacks! 

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