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#FridayFever - you're almost there! We have another Hairstyle Hack for you featuring a look we've been admiring a ton lately - Bobby Pin Art. 

We all know that we have a TON of stray bobby pins lying around, so here are some ideas on how to use them to create a fun, unique look! 

Here are some of our ideas:

1. Keep it simple. Everyone knows about the criss-cross. A literal 10 second hairstyle. Add some colored pins too to spice it up!

2. Get some geometric shapes going. We show you a triangle, but the possibilities are endless with using pins to achieve some shapes. 

3. The Row. This looks elegant in the back and is almost a pseudo-crown look.

4. Get creative with some patterns! Bring your own vision into the mix. 

Tag us on social and use #lumabellabeauty to show us your versions of Bobby Pin Art! We'd love to see. 

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