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As we are inching closer to the hottest and most humid month of the year, we wanted to share our secret to keeping your hair looking hydrated and beautiful all summer long!

Our Cool Mist Straightener helps to lock-in moisture, protect hair from damage, reduces frizz, and enables a longer-lasting styleIn the humid, hot summer months, hair frizz is at its worst. You work tirelessly to get your hair smooth, sleek and straight, only to walk outside and your hair to ‘poof’ back to chaos.

Here’s a little nugget of info for ya - the LumaBella Cool Mist Straightener solves this common summer hair catastrophe! With the cool mist technology, and the use of our very own Macadamia Conditioning Treatment, we can help hold your style twice as long.

How does this work you may ask? Well, the cool mist technology infuses a cool mist to hair prior to heat styling as you run it’s 1” ceramic plates down the length of your hair. With the macadamia treatment, the hydration and style are sealed from the outside humidity in those summer months. Overall, since your hair is hydrated during your styling routine, and is sealed in by our conditioning treatment, the humidity and water molecules that commonly infiltrate your hair in the summer are unable to affect your style! We have clinical proof that this technology results in 2x longer-lasting style and 90% more frizz control.  

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